Shawn “Beam Me Up Scotty” Allred

Movie lover since 1982. Has worked on several low budget movies and T.V. shows before finding his passion, working with college students, and playing with A/V gear.

Favorite Movie: Serenity
Favorite T.V. Show: Leverage

Sam “65 Million Years of Gut Instinct” Vegter

The geriatric member of the group, Sam enjoys napping and yelling at kids to get off his lawn. When he’s not curled up in a painful ball of swollen joints he fully relishes his work teaching business.

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park
Favorite T.V. Show: Game of Thrones

Andrew “I Didn’t Sign Up For This” Jimeson

Andrew was passing through the intra-webs one day and was taken hostage by the guys at Cheap Seat Reviews. Since that time he’s been our official 4th member and will be until he escapes.

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future
Favorite T.V. Show: The Office

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