Episode #269 Life After Beth

Aubrey Plaza in Life After Beth (2014)
A young man’s recently deceased girlfriend mysteriously returns from the dead, but he slowly realizes she is not the way he remembered her.

5 word review

50 first dates meets zombeland

Show Notes

Not going to lie, I know there’s a death and it’s sad, but because of the parents…it’s hard to take what they seriously.  

Spence is the brother lol

Lol, I love how awkward Spence is 

Theres no waiting room in the MRI room 

On second viewing, I noticed the 5 dead red bulls in his room

Um…. I get horney teenagers, but a playground? 

The PDA in front of the parents….

Why does only wear the same dress?

So thats the way to calm down the zombies, smooth Jazz

I didn’t know Anna was in this.  

The music in the Diner was superl loud 

Why does no one think him running her over, then getting up and yelling not insane? 

I’d go to his crazy brothers room to find a gun

 Ok, I know zombies and all, but how did he get her there with the stove?

Why did he throw away the gun? Has he never watched a zombie movie?

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